Interviewee Bios


Ryan Allison 
Social awareness plays a very important part in society today, especially when detailing life in Orange County. The media organizations like to portray life as easy living, when in reality it is very difficult for millions of people across the country, and believe it or not in Orange County too. The only way to get to the bottom of these issues is for people to put the spotlight on issues that affect all of us. Even a specific issue that might seem to only affect a select number of people affects all us. We are one society, together.


Mahdee Gill 
My name is Mahdee gill and I recently moved from Memphis to Santa Ana four years ago. Social awareness is important because we live in a society where people often rely on stereotypes to define  perceptions of one another. Sharing experiences can expel the misconceptions and bridge the social discourse.


Adrian Jones  
Social Awareness is important because even-though we’re all different we all share similarities. It’s important to see & express our similarities & differences to get a better understanding of our cultures.


Natalia Kimball
I think one of the most precious things in life is the diversity of human kind. When a part of who we are is not represented, it leaves room for ignorance and intolerance to step forward in its place.

Kala Lacy_

Mackala Lacy
My name is Mackala Lacy and I study Psychology and Social Behaviors, African American Studies, and French at the University of California, Irvine. Social awareness is important because it is the lack of questioning and confronting norms that keeps particular communities oppressed. To be heard, we must speak.

Shahana Shah

Shahana Shah
“Hello my name is Shahana Shah and I currently reside in Aliso Viejo. Social awareness has become increasingly important because events have shown that nobody is exempt from racism, gender bias, and various other forms of discrimination. Greater social awareness will help prevent further discriminatory occurrences and demonstrate that together change is possible.


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