Click Play to watch Black Behind the Orange Curtain

Black Behind the Orange Curtain is a film about our shared experiences in Orange County, California. The goal of the film is to help people understand that our diverse perceptions on social matters such as racial profiling and injustice, affects us as individuals and as a community. My hope is that this film will help tear down the walls of misconception and reinforce the notion that what affects one, affects us all.

The film covers the topics of Education, Business, Politics and Community in Orange County. In the film, interviewees will respond with what they have experienced as residents and non-residents of Orange County. And the three featured interviewees, Kala Lacy, Pierre Dotson and Shandell Maxwell will provide insight on what it means to be an African American student, business owner and community leader in Orange County, respectively.

One thought on “Click Play to watch Black Behind the Orange Curtain

  1. Shandell,
    I am very proud of your bringing attention and concern to the issues that our people have experienced overtly and covertly. I am an advocate of the 60’s. I marched ,protested, and physically fought for civil ,social, and Economic rights. Glad to see you as a young black sister. stand up! Keep striving for Justice.
    Uncle Ken

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