Film Creation

BBOC Director

Shandell Maxwell – Director
I am a concerned resident of Orange County, California and the creator/director of Black Behind the Orange Curtain.  I have a sincere passion for serving my community. The goal of the documentary is to increase social awareness about the black and non- black citizens of Orange County. Furthermore, the goal of the documentary will be to:

  • Create awareness about the social challenges affecting the community.
    • Awareness encourages change and acceptance overtime.
  • Promote the notion that: What affects one, affects us all.
    • Support a more unified community that does not tolerate injustice.
  • Start a cultural change that promotes unity and harmony among diverse groups living in OC.

BBOC is a crowdfunded project – Big “THANKS” to my Executive Producers and donors. Although we didn’t meet our funding goal, we raised enough money to make a difference!

Sasha Acevedo – Film Consultant
Social awareness begins with the self. Reflect on your passions to find a cause/movement that brings joy into your heart. Once you find out what “that” is, connect with others that have the same interests and volunteer your unique skills to the cause. Remember, social awareness starts with you!

Jessica Morales – Codirector
I was born in Los Angeles, but raised in Orange County.  I have a lifelong interest in ethnic studies and I have studied Chicano/Latino Studies and History at California State University, Long Beach.  I am very excited to be a part of this project and I thank Shandell Maxwell for the opportunity.


April Marco – Codirector
April MarcoSocial awareness is vital in today’s global business economy as well as the growing diversity of the communities we live in. Learning about the dynamics of social relationships between individuals, groups and communities creates a harmonious social interactions that fosters cooperation and creates a deeper understanding and sensitivity of others cultures, religions, and beliefs. Awareness empowers us all to be a better member of our community, country and world.


Thomas Kimball – Illustrator
Checkout his Website!

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